These Candles Make Every Room Look Cooler

If you’re searching for a cheap thrill, candles are it. Of course, you have the scented ones—smoky firewood, dazzling green fig, sparkling florals…You can find very little like getting a massive deep breath of candle-scented air and permitting it pour out as a comforting and downright yogic ahhh. Sometimes, even so, a scented candle is basically not acceptable. Like when you’re cooking supper. Or when you now have your diffuser (or, uh, an additional scented candle) going.

That doesn’t indicate you have to overlook out on the warm, drippy delight a great candle brings—a new menagerie of unscented candles is here to update the ol’ basic pillar (and your mantle) with colour, texture, and wiggly form. [Ed note: OK, fine, the Loewe one is scented. But it’s still more of an objet than your run-of-the-mill candle, don’t you think?] Unlit they’re attention-grabbing items of sculpture, but light-weight the wick and they completely transform into shimmering magpie magnets that can liven up any area. You could even choose the party outdoors, where a scented candle would be wasted but an unscented a person serves as a whimsical light-weight resource when you relish in the previous evenings of barkyard dining. Not that you need convincing—if you happen to be nearly anything like us, at least just one of these candles is in your cart previously, and you haven’t even concluded this paragraph.

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Candles, from remaining to proper:
Handmade Goddess Beeswax Candle, Version 94 Swirl Candle in Rose Pink, Hannah Candle, Catbird Flora Candle in Ivory and Pink, The Floral Society Extravagant Tapered Candles in Parchment, Loewe Scent of Marihuana Wax Candleholder, Nata Forme Candle in Product, Greentree Home Cone Taper in Blush, Areaware Totem Candle in Smaller Plum, Lex Pott Twist Candle in White, Esh Mandarin Orange, City Outfitters Ombre Taper Candle Set, Esh Tie-Dye Star Pillar, Areaware Totem Candle in *Medium Plum

Shot with: Snowe Marble Candle Holders in White, the Aeyre Prima Candlestick and Concrete Cat Hex Coasters

Photographed by Alexandra Genova

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