The Hydrating Creams That Work, And The Ones That

Welcome to Procedure Goo Goo Gah Gah, a bi-weekly column by Ziwe Fumudoh where by the comic and writer attempts almost everything beneath the sunlight in dogged pursuit of newborn-clean skin and the makeup to complement it. There is no lack of promising solutions out there, but which truly work? Ziwe’s in this article to locate out.

This week, I tried out a series of moisturizers to find out which lotions could transform my pores and skin from ashy to classy. Spoiler warn: all the lotions are great because you have to work seriously challenging to make a bad lotion. Nevertheless, I owe it to the Goo Goo Gah Gah group to parse by these products and solutions and locate the best of the finest.

The line up:

This lotion has been hyped across the world wide web as the fountain of youth, and individuals, I’m right here to report that it does not disappoint. My encounter has not been chapped considering that I started off frequently employing Liquid Gold. In reality, my pores and skin is easy and delicate like a silk pillowcase entire of yogurt. Liquid Gold features really scientific compounds like ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. Even though I’m not completely sure what these elements do to my confront, I know that they’d be delectable on a salad. And that is excellent adequate for me, particularly in tandem with a dewy finished search.

Y’all previously know that I stan Kiehl’s goods. I first encountered the Extremely Facial Product at Equinox: a gym membership that was sparked by fitness and sustained by obtain to wonderful bogs in greater Manhattan. The quick absorbing Ultra Facial Product rubs like lard on my ashy experience. (To be very clear, this is meant as the highest praise.) It’s uncomplicated to use and it feels like my pores are currently being consistently massaged when I pair it with my Stratia Liquid Gold. The Kiehl’s facial area cream is an antidote to the dryness that a temperate New York wintertime delivers. Let us just say, I love this lotion and its succinct jar packaging as considerably as I hate world wide warming.

I am the concentrate on audience for this lotion since it has the phrase “coco” in its title. As a Nigerian American, I have been socialized to feel that cocoa butter is as essential to my survival as air or oxtail. And even nevertheless it doesn’t technically have cocoa butter within, this lotion nonetheless delivers. It’s thick, hydrating, and smells like a blend involving coconut and, judging by the product’s name, what I think are the scents of Brazilian beaches. I don’t actually have considerably else to say about the Coco Cabana Product as these are truly all the things that I’m inquiring for from a moisturizer—my criteria are small.

This lotion describes alone as a hydra plumping, skin transforming, weightless moisturizer that gives self-confidence in each and every pump. Actually, I really do not will need a lotion to revolutionize my self esteem. I just want to handle my eczema. Are there really persons inquiring for this considerably from a lotion? Why? Y’all need to decreased your anticipations and request treatment for the reason that the only detail promised in this daily life is dying, taxes, and frown traces.

—Ziwe Fumudoh

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