Chenway Glitter Eyeshadow,12 Color Magnificent Metals and Glow Holographic 3D High Pigmented Eyeshadow Liquid with Magnificent Long Lasting Professional Makeup (A)

Price: $2.99


Brand New & High Quality.

portable size, easy to carry.

Content: 18ml

Package included:

1pc x Eyeshadow (This is liquid eye shadows)

🦋How to use: 🦋

Liquid eye shadows are often packaged similar to lip gloss, and it is most convenient to have a brush head similar to the lip gloss brush head. Just take a proper amount of eye shadow and apply it on the desired location, and your fingers lightly faint.

Pigmented and Blendable: Powder is very delicate, soft, very good color. Using the newest production technology, the powder is not scattered. Gently touch, the color immediately bright magnificent. Easily match, get the most beautiful winter makeup.

Convenient: Self-willed Swithing for Casual finish, Business Makeup, Party and Salon Style, Suitable for The Coming Festivals: Halloween and Christmas.

Rich & Trendy Colors Highly pigmented Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette for professionals to create sophisticated, edgy and passionate looks and to explore a variety of colors and make-up artwork.

High quality ingredients are waterproof, brightening and long-lasting, which will not discolour or fade, leaving you charming and attractive all day long.

Fine and Smooth texture: Delicate and soft powder quality, easy to color and Highly saturated. Mix the eye shadow very nice and smoothly to highlight the three dimentional look of eyes.🏊The eyeshadow was made from high quality material, high quality and security ingredients. No dye and will not form a annoying eyeshadow mark and it won’t harm your tender eye skin. Suitable for all types of skins
🏊Metallic Shiny Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow, Highly Pigmented, Light-Weight Cream Formula, Long lasting,super sparkly and pigmented, With a 3D dazzling effect finish
🏊Long lasting, waterproof 12 Colours different highly pigmented pressed powder eye shadows palette. This palette of natural nude colours is perfect for creation of everyday casual looks, party and wedding make-up, professional smoky eyes makeup, dating makeup or daily makeup. Easy to satisfy your demand about beautiful and particular eyeshadow, to transform your eye make up
🏊Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, Shimmer Eyeshadow Highlighter Makeup – Girls Makeup Tools, A professional Art Gift for yourself or your girlfrien
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